Women Ankle Socks Vs No Show Socks: What’s The Difference?

Women No Show Socks

Long gone are those days when people use to feel half dressed up without wearing long white socks. New generation youth have entirely replaced those long socks with ankle socks and no show socks. However, picking a better one among them always remains a matter of debate. If you are new to this debate, it would be much better for you to have an idea about the features of both kinds of socks. People who have already selected sides tend to incline more to their favorite ones.

Let us look at the common differences between women no show socks and ankle socks. We rely upon you to choose a better one according to your convenience. Here are the details about each one of them:

Women No Show Socks

  1. Ankle socks:

Ankle socks are commonly known as low rise socks that can stretch just below the ankle or up to the ankle-length only. These socks are ideal to wear with sneaker shoes and give you a sporty look.

  1. No show socks:

No show socks are the ones which does not reach up to your ankle. They will just cover half of your foot including the toes and the heel. The bottom portion is entirely covered with the socks. Let us look at some major differences between these two socks:

Differences between no show socks and ankle socks:

  1. How to style?

Styling with socks plays a major impact on your overall look. You cannot complete your look without wearing a pair of socks. If you are out for some adventure activity, make sure to wear ankle-length socks. However, if you are in a party, professional gathering, or office, sliding a pair of no show socks will be perfect.

  1. Which is more affordable?

Both ankle length and no show socks come in almost similar prices. However, in some brands, no show socks have considerably higher prices than the ankle ones. But, in general, both of them are affordable.

  1. Any weather variations?

Yes, indeed! You can dress up seasonally too. Both ankle and no show socks are available in woolen and thin fabric too. However, some people living in tropical countries cannot bear the rising temperature in summers with ankle socks. Therefore, no show socks are ideal for summers, and ankle socks for winter.

  1. What are some good brands?

It is advisable to buy no show or ankle length socks from good and reputed brands only. They are more sturdily built and have a longer durability. For a long-lasting effect, here are some top brands on amazing socks collection:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • Decathlon
  • Mark and spencer
  1. Which one is more prone to roll down?

No show socks are more prone to roll down due to friction as they are more closer to your toes. Therefore, they can slide down easily as there is movement in your feet. Try to buy one with strong elastic and silicone.


We hope that you have a clear idea of the difference between no show and ankle socks. The decision of determining which one is better is completely on you. Thank you!

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