Why Should I Cool Cookies on a Cooling Rack?

Cooling Rack

Cookies are the favorite snack of you and your children. Even the thought of baking cookies drools your mouth! We know! Being the most popular snack, there are some rules and regulations while baking cookies. Following these simple guidelines can make your cookie more delicious and delicate than ever. The cookies are the snacks that you can readily grab when going out or pack in your tiffin. Showcasing your baking talent should never let you down before people. Therefore, it is necessary to know the proper steps of baking cookies. Have you ever wondered the reason behind the over baking of cookies, even after following all the steps?

The last and the most essential step is where most of the people go wrong. Yes, we are talking about the cooling of the cookies. The cooling racks are one of such accessories that you must have while baking cookies. Leaving the cookies on the baking sheet can overbake them. Therefore, cookies should always be left on the cooling rack after baking.

There are several advantages that an ideal cooling rack can offer you while baking. Let us look at some significant reasons why you should cool cookies only on the cooling rack:

Cooling Rack

  1. Helps in evasion of moisture:

The presence of excess moisture can make your well-baked cookies soggy. Therefore, the best way to escape the moisture from the cookies as quickly as possible is by placing them on a cooling rack. A huge mistake that people commit is using a wooden or glass plate instead of a cooling rack. It helps to retain moisture and your cookie will end up being mushy. To give a perfect shape and feel to the cookie, it is ideal to place it in a cooling rack. It helps to vanish away the moisture in no time.

  1. Gives them the final structural touch:

The cookies are not meant to be soft and soggy. It does not feel pleasant to chew hard on a cookie. It occurs because the fat and sugar are still melting when you take them out of the oven. It should be fragile and crunchy to taste better while eating. The cooling rack helps to give the final structural touch to the cookie.

  1. Makes them more crispy:

The crystallization of the sugar plays a necessary part in even baking of the cookies. When cookies are inside the oven, the high temperature prevents aids in dissolving more sugar. Dissolving excess sugar can make the cookies soft. But, people want the cookies to be crispy. Therefore, using a cooling rack offers cooling down and crystallization of the sugar.

  1. Prevents bottom of cookie from burning:

Many people leave the cookies on the pan after baking. It has many disadvantages. The top one is the over baking or burning of the cookie. The pan still radiates heat. The penetration of this heat can cause the burning of the cookie base.

  1. Ace the decoration part:

Instead of placing cookies on the plate and dressing it up, it is better to use a cooling rack for proper decoration of the cookies.

That was all about the benefits of using a cooling rack for baking cookies. Thanks for reading!

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