Is a fitness band worth it?

Fitness bands are the need of the generation. Apart from giving you an aesthetic look, they have an immense contribution to your everyday activities. The modern generation is addicted to swift life and food as well. Haha! You know it right? We are talking of the fast-food culture that is slowly growing in our country. The burden of work and studies doesn’t make you concentrate on your fitness. Your health is the leading representative of the stability of your body. Fitness bands keep a check on that! Many experts recommend the use of a fitness band for people of every age group.

However, it is a natural tendency to think twice before investing in an appliance. People usually ask the question if the fitness band is worth it or not? We are going to clear all your doubts related to fitness bands. So, without any further delay, let us get started:

  1. What is a fitness band?

A fitness band, otherwise known as an activity tracker is a wearable device that enables you to analyze the fitness related vitals of your body. The sensors that fit inside the band detect heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and many more. It helps you to perform a daily complete health checkup without visiting the clinic.

  1. What are the features of the fitness bands?
  • Step counter: It is the most fundamental feature available in almost all the fitness bands. The presence of an accelerometer inside the fitness band lets it perform this function.
  • Vital check: Heart rate, temperature, respiration, and other vital signs are measured through a fitness band. The high budget bands feature more number of vital functions.
  • Environmental change: The barometer also helps to detect change in altitude and weather. Some bands also have GPS for location tracking.
  • Sleep & calorie: It keeps a check on your sleeping hours. Some of them detect different sleep stages, as well. The calorie counter will satisfy you after a challenging session at the gym.
  • Device sync: A fitness band can connect to your smartphone via specific apps. Also, some of the fitness bands have an alert system that enables you to forward texts.
  1. How much should a first-time buyer invest in it?

Fitness bands are available in a range of Rs. 2000 to 20,000 or even more than that. It is your personal choice of what features you wish to have in your fitness band. According to that, you can select a band of your choice.

  1. Is it mandatory to carry a phone everywhere?

It depends on what feature you want to enable. For static workout or sleep, you won’t need to carry a phone. However, if you want more accurate results, having a phone is mandatory for sync.

  1. What should I look for on a band before purchasing?

Make sure to check the quality of display, battery life, notification, waterproofing, calorie counter, vital monitoring, and last but not the least- comfort!


Staying fit and healthy also has a significant effect on your immunity system. As of the current pandemic, every person needs to boost up their health & immunity. Hoping that you have made up your mind whether to invest or not in a fitness band, we are concluding it here. Thanks for reading!

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