Everything you need to know about a Hair Dryer


If you desire to own a hairdryer, there is nothing wrong with knowing every detail about it. However, people are shy asking questions from the provider. Nothing is embarrassing to know about the product that you are going to invest. Hairdryers are excellent hair styling tools that every man and woman should have. If you already have a hairdryer, you must know about its pros and cons. However, no information about hair dryers is enough.

If you want to know some more points to boost up your knowledge on hair styling and care, let us not make you wait more. Here are some interesting facts about using and maintaining a hairdryer:


  1. Hair dryers will eliminate heat!

Whether you buy a new hair dryer of high wattage or low wattage, it will eliminate heat. It is the primary factor that helps in drying up of your hair! However, you never know when the heat amount increases excessively, which can make your hair damage-prone. Merely feeling the overheat on your scalp isn’t the determinable factor for analyzing it. Therefore, you should always use hair protectant sprays before the use of hair dryer every time.

  1. Know your hair type:
  • Thick hair: Using the medium or high heat option is suitable. Don’t go for high heat unnecessarily if your hair is less dense.
  • Thin hair: Never use high heat mode in thin hair. It can make it more prone to breakage.
  • Long hair: Ionic and ceramic hairdryer are ideal for using in long hair. It reduces the dry time and also adds shine to hair.
  • Short hair: A titanium hair dryer is ideal for short hair. You can also prefer to opt medium wattage dryer if you are not planning to increase your hair length.
  1. Know about the type of hair dryer:
  • Ionic: It effectively reduces the drying time by ionizing the water molecules. Also, it prevents the opening up of the cuticles. Thus, it is great for locking moisture and adding shine to hair.
  • Ceramic: They prevent your hair from overheating due to ceramic coating present in it. The coating ensures even distribution of air that helps to prevent hair loss due to overheating. Also, it is great for reducing hair drying time.
  • Titanium: Titanium hair dryers are useful in maintaining a stable temperature of the heat. Also, it is of manageable weight that makes it easier to handle.
  1. Is diffuser worth using?

Yes, if you have curly hairs, you can opt for the hair diffusers. Otherwise, most of the hair dryers spread even heat. Therefore, you will not require a hair diffuser in straight hair.

  1. Facts that will give long life to your hairdryer:
  • Avoid turning on the appliance if not in use.
  • Turn off the appliance before storing it.
  • Do not stack it in a congested place.
  • Make sure that the cords are not in front of the diffuser panel.


We hope that you have learned all the necessary points about the hairdryers now. Thanks for reading!

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