5 Ways to Choose an Aluminum Extension Ladder

Extension Ladders

Purchasing an aluminum extension ladder is not a task that should be done carelessly. If you are a person with an assumption that you could simply purchase an extension ladder without considering any key factors, then, you could be inviting a mishap while using the ladder.

While an extension ladder is just a type of ladder and a simple piece of accessory, there are 5 important factors that you need to consider.

Extension Ladders

  1. Load capacity or classification 

Every ladder comes with maximum load capacity and based on the maximum load capacity it is generally classified into different classes. Most commonly, we find customers neglecting this key factor. It would be a foolish decision to neglect this factor especially when it comes to an aluminum extension ladder. There was a time when this factor was not important, but those days ladders used to be made of cast iron, which was comparatively very strong, but heavy. On the other hand, aluminum extension ladders should not be compared with such ladders. Purchase an aluminum extension ladder based on the maximum load it could carry.

  1. The maximum length of the extension ladder–

There are different types of aluminum extension ladders available on the market today based on the maximum height. You must consider purchasing an extension ladder based on the maximum height. However, we have seen that some customers consider purchasing extension ladders with maximum height more than what they require. Do not do such a thing, extension ladder should be purchased based on your actual requirement. Purchasing an extension ladder with a height more than what you require could be a waste of money and mounting and using such ladders could be messy.

  1. The brand is important –

While most of the aluminum extension ladders might come from some unpopular brand, it is very important to consider the brand. If you find the brands unfamiliar, then consider reading the customer reviews and ask your colleagues and friends for reviews on their extension ladders. Remember, if the ladder is made of poor aluminum, it could bend or break while using. Only reviews could help you decide which brand and model is efficient and appropriate.

  1. Portability and storage –

The extension ladder that you consider purchasing should be portable and should be small enough for easy storage. Most people might have some space dedicated to storing extension ladders, however, some of them might not have such a luxury. If you are such a person, check the specifications of the ladder and make sure the size of the ladder is suitable for you.

  1. Weight of the ladder –

Different models or aluminum extension ladders would have different weight, there are different models of aluminum extension ladders with the same features but different weights. This could be because one of them would be designed for residential or household use and the other one might be designed for professional or heavy-duty use. Remember, if the extension ladder is very heavy, it might not be suitable for household use as one person might not be able to move it from one place to another with ease.

Each of the 5 factors listed above is very important, you should not neglect any factor. Remember, using a wrong extension ladder could result in fatal accidents or injuries.

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